Thakurani History

Budhi Thakurani is considered as the istadevi of Silk city Brahmapur. As a child feels safe and secure in her mother’s lap, the inhabitants of Brahmapur always have a secure feeling under the blessing of Maa Budhi Thakurani.

Our Temple

Thakurani temple is situated near Big Bazzar area of old Brahmapur. A large number of devotees visit the temple and worship to the deity inside the shrine is a piece of stone cut in crude fashion and smeared with sindoor.

Originally the goddess was worshipped by the Dera people, a weaver community of Rajmuhendry on their set up at Brahmapur in its early days. The temple presents a unique feature of close association between low caste people and main stream of Hinduism. Here, the priests are barber by caste where as devotees come from different castes.