Budhi Thakurani is considered as the istadevi of Silk city Brahmapur. As a child feels safe and secure in her mother’s lap, the inhabitants of Brahmapur always have a secure feeling under the blessing of Maa Budhi Thakurani.Therefore, the people of the city warship the deity with great reverence, devotion, love and affection and have strong belief on the Goddess as their Surakshya Kabacha (the guard wall).

Thakurani temple is situated near Big Bazzar area of old Brahmapur. A large number of devotees visit the temple and worship to the deity inside the shrine is a piece of stone cut in crude fashion and smeared with sindoor.

Originally the goddess was worshipped by the Dera people, a weaver community of Rajmuhendry on their set up at Brahmapur in its early days. The temple presents a unique feature of close association between low caste people and main stream of Hinduism. Here, the priests are barber by caste where as devotees come from different castes.

Brahmapur Thakurani is famous for its two year gaped yatra, in the festive scenarios of Orissa. It is popularly know as Ghata yatra (Thakurani yatra). It is the chief festival of Brahmapur city and the Southern Orissa as well. The month long festival is celebrated with a great pomp as the home coming of the Goddess in alternate years during the month of chaitra ( March / April ) . The followed customs focuses that the goddess is conceived as a daughter given away in marriage, visits her fathers house in every two years. Her presence at (Paternal ) home is celebrated as the festival period.

During these days the town gets festive look and colorful. The chief attractions during the festival are the giant images of different goddess and mythological figures displayed in decorated pedals called Raths, folk dance forms and caricaturing of different aspects called veshas.