Proceeding of budhi thakurani development board held on 16.10.2011 at 7.00p.m. in the chamber of sub-collector-cum-chairman,btdb,berhampur.

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The meeting is presided by the Sub-Collector, Berhampur, Members present in the meeting is Annexed-A. At the out set Sub-Collector welcomed all the members. Proceeding of last meeting was read over by the Secretary, BTDB, Which is confirmed. Sub-Collector revealed that some of the Sevayats along with their Advocate have given a memorandum to incorporate at least 5 Sevayats in the BTDB. After due discussion, it is unanimously declared that they will be incorporated and the should submit the list of 5 members within a week and they will be given due weight age. It is also decided that BTDB will accept gifts and other articles in shape of donation from interested charitable organizations and receipt will be granted to them and proper entry will be made in the stock register. It is also decided to have a office inside the temple premises. The room which has been occupied by BTDB will be renovated and Tahasildar-cum-vice-chairman will supervise the renovation of the office. In this regard, the Mayor BMC, Berhampur and Hon’ble MLA, Berhampur will be requested to give some financial assistance. The office will also be used by the Sebayats at the time of their needs too. It is unanimously decided to generate funds from the Public by way of donation and for that printed and certified receipt Books will be issued and the money collected through these receipts will be deposited in BTDB Bank Account ( Bank Of Baroda, Main Branch, Berhampur ). After adequate funds generation, the payments due are to be made in shape of Cheque being duly signed by Chairman and Treasurer jointly. It is decided that the details of collection and payment shall appear in official web site. Secretary revealed that payments are to be made are as follows- Tent Charge-Rs.25,000/- , 2. Light charges – Rs. 21,000/- , 3. Puja charges – Rs. 44,000/- , 4. Security charges – Rs. 5,000/- which has spent during the Nabaratra Puja. It is also decided to make payment accordingly. The Tahasildar-cum-Vice-Chairman, BTDB assured to demarcate land of the temple and also assured to depute one R.I. for inspection and demarcation. He also assured to evict the encroachment if it is found during the inspection of his field staff. For this all the Sebayats and the members will appeal for voluntary support for such eviction in the larger interest of the temple. It is also decided to collect entry fees @ Rs. 1/- ( Rupees One ) only from each devotee and the amount so collected through the printed coupons will be monitored by the security guards and the daily collection will be handed over to the Secretary and the same will be deposited in the Bank Account and accordingly this will be reflected cash book. It is also decided to perform Sankranti Ustava in the evening of each Sankranti day every month near temple premises by installing a temporary stage and Bhajans will be displayed without fail. It is also decided to conduct the monthly meeting of BTDB openly on this stage in the evening in all the Sankranti days so that there should not be any suspicion in the minds of the Sevayats or the public regarding the activities of BTDB. It is decided to install a full proof HUNDI inside the Temple premises. It is also decided that the custodian of HUNDI will be Tahasildar –cum-Vice-chairman of BTDB. Keys of the said HUNDI will be with the Tahasildar and the Secretary jointly and the amount so collected through HUNDI will be counted once in a month on the Sankranti days and the amount so collected through HUNDI will also be deposited in the Bank account after proper entry in the register. It is decided to sale Prasad in shape of good quality of LADU, which will be made available with the cost of each LADU, it is decided to invite tender. It is also decided to request the local channel and Media people to give wide publicity in order to generate funds for the Development of MAA BUDHI THAKURANI TEMPLE. It is also decided that the outer premises will be properly developed in a planned manner and shopping complex will be developed as per the temple shop and in this respect the adjacent shop keepers are requested to cooperate so that these can be relocated by inviting application and allotting the same by way of lottery. The meeting ended with vote of thanks to all the participants and the Chair. -Sd- -Sd- Secretary, Chairman, BTDB, Berhampur BTDB – Cum- Sub-Collector, Berhampur
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