Proceedings of the meeting of maa budhi thakurani development board held in the conference hall of office of the sub-collector, berhampur on 10.07.2015 at 12 noon.

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11-07-2015 PROCEEDINGS OF THE MEETING OF MAA BUDHI THAKURANI DEVELOPMENT BOARD HELD IN THE CONFERENCE HALL OF OFFICE OF THE SUB-COLLECTOR, BERHAMPUR ON 10.07.2015 AT 12 NOON. Sub-Collector, Berhampur and Chairman BhudiThakurani Development Board chaired a meeting of the Board in the conference Hall of Office of the Sub-Collector, Berhampur on 10.07.2015 at 12.00 noon. The list of the participants is given at Annexure-I. At the outset the Chairman welcomed all the functionaries and members of the Board and set the motion for discusion on matters as per the agenda. Following brief deliberations of Sri BiswanathPattnaik, Secretary and Sri Manoj Kumar Dash, Advisor the points were discussed and the decisions there on taken as below:; 1. Works Undertaken by State Archaeological Department. Sri Krushna Ch. Nisank, Retired Ast. Director, Culture and Convenorof the Board informed that Rs.10.00 L has been spent by the State Archaeological Department on construction of the rear boundary of the Temple and some other works not of Archaeological choracteristics. 2.Proposal of O.T.D.C. on Infrastructure Development. It was intimated by the Tourist Officer that approximately Rs.114.00 L has been placed with the O.T.D.C. to develop 9 basic infrastructures. The plan and estimate is reportedly submitted without any knowledge either of the Board or the Tourist Officer. Issues such as security, cleaning, prasad distribution, arch construction were suggested to be additionally covered in this scheme. 3.Widening of Diamond Tank / Temple RThe Tahasildar, Berhampur was detailed to conduct an exercise on the status of encroachment on both the sides of the road.Location of arch gates was decided to be suggested for finalization in the next meeting of the Board.The Convenor / Treasurer are to place details of funds allotted for the purpose. Reportedly Rs. 3.00 L by the O.T.D.C. and Rs. 30.00 Lby the Board has been provided for separately. An unified approach is to be put in place. 4.Identification of Temple land and eviction of encroachment. The priests led by Sri Bhagirathi Gantayat, who is the custodian of land records pertaining to the Temple, is to produce the same before the Tahasildar, Berhampur for inventory of land belonging to the Deity. At the same time, status of land records in Bhulekh data and that of encroachment in and around Temple premises are to be ascertained. 5.Conduct of SankrantiUtsab and Nabaratra Puja A decision on the same shall be taken after discussion with the stake holders. 6.Coordination among the Priest and Temple Management Though the Hon’ble High Court, Odisha for their order dated.24/11/2011 in W.P.(C) No. 32332 have required the Board not to interfere with the rituals, in view of the nagging conflict between the groups of the priests, often leading to law and order situation, efforts are required tobe made to codify rituals, in coordination with conflicting groups of priests. 7.Management of Hundi. Two Hundis one operated as of now, one by a group of priests and the other jointly by the Vice-Chairman and the Treasurer. As the resources generated from suchHundis appear abnormally low, it’s monitoring by a transparent mechanism has become essential. Close circuit cemeras, are to be installed and accountsmanaged transparently and professionally. 8.inancial Status of the Board Two accounts in HDFC Bank and Bank of Baroda respectively are being operated with combined deposit of a little over Rs.11.00 K. Fiscal discipline is to be enforced to ensure that enough resourses is generated and deposited in one account with an objective to activate development activities. 9.Redress of legal issues Sri Bijaya KumarPattnaik, Learned Advocate was entrusted to analyse legal dimensions of court cases involving the Deity and put up response of the Board. The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair and in reciprocation, to all the participants. Sub-Collector,Berhampur -cum-Chairman, M. B.T.D.B., Berhampur.
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